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Product information

"Nepeta cataria" or catnip is a plant most cats just love. They rub themselves upon it, wallow or tumble in it if they can. They also eat it and chew on the branches. It induces a harmless ‘high’ for your cat.  While some cats go crazy for catnip, others are just not interested. It depends on the individual cat whether catnip has any effect on them.


About Veganpet

Veganpet owner Sandy has been involved with animals her whole life and is motivated to help them live healthy and happy lives.  Sandy’s quest is to provide safe and healthy alternatives for animals wherever possible.  When changes to Sandy’s lifestyle resulted in her choosing a vegan diet she became more aware of the compositions and ingredients of food products. It was a natural progression to start reading the labels on pet foods and further research and inquiries caused her to be greatly concerned.  She found that most of the meat used in pet food was from very poor sources such as injured, sick or diseased animals, this resulting in poor quality and possibly harmful pet food. With this in mind she set about to create a complete and nutritionally balanced Vegan diet for our furry companions. Veganpet products are free from any genetic engineering or irradiation, they are also cruelty free and vegan. Veganpet products are opposed to the increasing chemical and technical interference with food, especially our companion food.


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