The Wholesome Food Company Popcorn



Cacao and Raspberry

Wholegrain corn kernel, sunflower oil, cacao and raspberry seasoning (sugar, cacao powder {15%}, fruit solids, maltodextrin {maize}), natural flavour, salt


Sea Salted Kale and Quinoa

Wholegrain corn kernel, sunflower oil and kale and quinoa seasoning (sea salt, vegetable powders {kale 20%}, quinoa {10%}).






Cacao and Raspberry, Sea Salted Kale and Quinoa.


Product information

Boutique Batched Popcorn...Exotic yet familiar, courageous yet comforting...the flavours of Australian whole grain popped corn are thrillingly multi-faceted – a premium edge sprinkled with superfood health credentials, just what’s needed to make this snack a “less-guilty” indulgence.


Both these products are vegan friendly and whilst no animal products are used in the making of them they are made in the same facility as other products that contain cheese flavouring. 


About The Wholesome Food Company

The Wholesome Food Company is passionate about producing tasty snacks that contain nothing artificial – no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

That’s why you won’t see numbers listed amongst their ingredients, simply because numbers are rarely natural. They source all of their real food ingredients as close to their traditional origin as possible to help ensure their authenticity and preserve their integrity.

Each of their products is carefully crafted so that they’re both healthy & tasty.


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While the utmost care has been taken to provide you with accurate product information please always refer to the manufacturer to ensure this product is right for you.


Dairy disclaimer

Although this product should not contain dairy it was made in the same facility as milk products so traces may remain.