Vegan Cheese and Wine Sundowner

It has been all go here at Crateful the last week with lots of orders coming in for Christmas so we have been naughty and haven’t updated our blog! Worry no more, here is our belated blog entry.

We were luckily enough to attend a Vegan Wine and Cheese Sundowner on the weekend. This was hosted by one of our lovely friends Sue, who really knows how to put on an amazing event!

We also offered one of our Crates up for a raffle, which was run on the night.

I was once one of those people who thought they couldn’t live without dairy ‘cheese’ but since going vegan I realised that there are so many just as good vegan alternatives. The food did not disappoint. and I love cheese even more now there is no guilt attached.

Some of the highlights of the evening were;

Cheezus Cheeze – I have raved on about this stuff before. It is cheezy gold. Do yourself a favour and get some of this magical goodness.

Sues almond cheese – this was absolutely beautiful, creamy and tasted like cottage cheese.

Satay ‘chicken’ skewers – these were delicious. I am not sure what fake chicken was used but they were very nice. Along with a balanced peanutty satay sauce. I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

The wines – of course! Some beautiful wines donated from Cullens, Lamonts and Birdwood Park liqueurs. I personally went with an unwooded chardonnay from Lamonts, which was a match made in heaven with the cheeses.

After a few glasses of wine and watching the sun set whilst eating our body weights in cheese and snacks we retired inside for some ports and the raffle. We are happy to announce the raffle raised $120 on the night. Everyone dug deeply for the good cause. Our Crate winner was the lovely Catherine who we thank for supporting such a wonderful charity.

All proceeds from the night went to our good friends at Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary.

Possum Valley is currently caring for a variety of animals, including sheep and hens, and also native wildlife in preparation for release. Funds contribute to their ongoing food bills and also costs associated with veterinary visits, medications and housing. Any donations would be appreciated to help these wonderful people, or you can purchase a Possum Valley Christmas card from us.

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