Spring Brunch at Possum Valley

It isn’t every day you get invited to a tour of an animal sanctuary so I was very excited when I was invited to attend a Spring Brunch at Possum Valley out in Mount Helena.

Possum Valley is a not for profit association which aims to prevent or relieve the suffering of native and ‘farm’ animals. The Sanctuary works to provide a rescue and rehabilitation service for orphaned and injured native, domestic and ‘farm’ animals. It provides a permanent home and foster care facility for all animals in need, while also working to promote kindness and respect to all animal species via community education.

The drive was long, but worth it to meet the lovely animals and people. Possum Valley is Chris and Marks labour of love and they spend a lot of their own hard earned money and time on building an environment for their much cared for animal residents. While all the residents are wonderful, there are some stand out personalities such as Nibbles and Gertie (two hilariously cheeky goats), the famous Digby who started this all and the gorgeous lamb Pearl. It is actually sobering to see how similar these ‘farm’ animals are to the companion animals who we share our lives with, like our dogs or cats. Nibbles and Gertie wag their tails and greet you in the same way dogs do, and Nibbles is exactly like one of my dogs who eats absolutely everything. I also got cuddles and kisses from Digby and the fellow sheep, they actually sniff you and lick you. Considering how poorly some of the animals had been treated by humans in the past most were actually very friendly and seemed to enjoy human contact. It proves just how forgiving animals are, especially when they have experienced kindness from people like Chris, Mark and the rest of the gang at Possum Valley. Getting to know these animals on a personal basis reaffirmed for me why I don’t eat animal products. Chris and Mark recently finished their Biodome which is a huge aviary (I mean huge; it is about the size of a 3-bedroom house) that they use to help rehabilitate injured birds and prepare them for rerelease.

After our tour of Possum Valley, we were fortunate enough to enjoy a spectacular brunch and while it was free from cruelty, it certainly wasn’t free from flavour.

Possum Valley is currently caring for a variety of animals, including sheep and hens, and also native wildlife in preparation for release. Funds contribute to their ongoing food bills and also costs associated with veterinary visits, medications and housing. Any donations would be appreciated to help these wonderful people, https://www.gofundme.com/possumvalley or you can purchase a Possum Valley Christmas card from us to go with your Crate.

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