The Perth Cruelty Free Fair 2015

This is a story about two girls... an exorbitant amount of cakes consumed and a big cruelty free day out! The 2015 Cruelty Free Fair held at Fremantle's Pioneer Park was a day not to be missed and if you did miss it be sure to add it to your calender for next year. It was lovely to see the vegan community come together to support this event. It was even better to see so many non-vegans there immersing themselves in plant based living and enjoying the atmosphere.

A few stand outs of the day were;

Kommunity Brew - Delicious kombucha. For those who haven't tried it kombucha is an ancient style of sparking tea with a tangy, floral taste. Kombucha has a fermentation process similar to that of a beer, but is full of good bacteria. For more information, check out their website

Coastal Crunch - These guys were doing granola tastings with coconut yoghurt so immediately they were on to a winner! So far they have three different locally named flavours Cottesloe Cacao Lupin, Gracetown Greentea and Offshore Original. All are equally enjoyable, however I decided to go with the Offshore Original and I have been eating every day since. For more information, check out their website

Alit Mineral Cosmetics - Beautiful makeup, most of which is vegan (a few products use beeswax but the owner told us they are working on making it all vegan). Environmentally friendly, natural, sustainable and cruelty free. It was a little expensive but the products are an investment in your skin and you need so little they will last a long time. For more information, check out their website

Cheezus Cheeze - Amazing cashew cheese, I am in awe that something made from nuts can be this cheesy and moreish! Currently they have two amazing flavours, Original and Smoked. This cheese is the next big thing if you ask me. Check them out on Facebook and do yourself a favour and get some cheeze!

Heavenly Plate Croffins – What do you get when you breed a muffin with a croissant? Why a Croffin of course. Layers of croissant pastry in the shape of a muffin drizzled with chocolate icing and sprinkles. Unfortunately, their Cafe Heavenly Plate closed down a little while ago but they are now doing catering. For more information, see their website,

Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary – We spent a bit of the day here with the lovely people from this not for profit organisation. They were selling beautiful handmade jewellery and I got some cute earrings, see the above photo. For more information and to donate see or their Facebook page

Honestly there were too many highlights from this fantastic day! We certainly over did it on the sweets, but when in Rome, as they say.

I also won a Twin DVD Pack of Food Matters and Hungry For Change, so I am looking forward to watching these when I get them!

For more information on the Perth Cruelty Free Fair and for future event updates, follow them on Facebook

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