I'm a creep...I'm a weirdo... ok, I am also a little bit cheesy....Swiss cheesy. 


Perth delivery only


Vegan | Gluten Free option

Swiss Cheese Plant

  • Very easy to care for. Choose a bright spot, close to a window if grown indoors. Insufficient light may cause the plant to lean or “point” towards the light, and may damp-off if kept overly wet. If grown outside, Monstera can be adapted to part sun or dappled shade. Monstera adansonii will not tolerate prolonged frost periods. Regular fertilizing with products such as Troforte and Organic Link will produce lush, vigorous growth.

  • Please note that products are selected at random. Plants will differ from the photo. No two will be the same, which is what we love about them! We hand pick them from small local suppliers so you can be sure whatever plant goes out will be beautiful and unique.