Size | 70g



Tempeh (non-GMO soy protein), Tomato, Brown Cane Sugar, Spices, Sea Salt, Rice Vinegar, Canola Oil (non-GMO), Natural Smoke Flavour



Noble Jerky - BBQ

  • Made without GMOs, trans fats, or anything unnatural, these jerkies are crafted with simple ingredients to give you the best in snacking pleasure.  With over 27 grams of heart-healty plant-based protein per package and no saturated fat, you'll get exceptional nutrition and sustained energy for your busy days, making this a great snack to keep on hand at the office, at school, on hikes, for long treks in the car, or snacking any time!

    Sweet BBQ has a Memphis-style sweet BBQ sauce that pairs perfectly with the awesome smokiness in every bite.