Size | 320g

Ingredients: lupin (30%), buckwheat, millet, sunflower, coconut chips, organic coconut sugar, hazelnut (6%), pepitas, linseeds, coconut oil, cocoa, chia seeds (2%), cacao nibs (1%), salt

Allergen Information: lupins, tree nuts


Gluten free, vegan, refined sugar free, preservative free

Cacao, Hazelnut & Chia Lupin Granola

  • This flavour is great for breakfast and even better for dessert when you get a chocolate craving.  You would expect such a decadent flavour to be full of sugar but with under 1tsp unrefined coconut sugar per serve, this granola is delicious in any number of combinations.  Great with berries, mango or passionfruit along with coconut yoghurt, we recommend eating this granola at any time of day, or try it with icecream for a sweet treat!