COVID-19 Update

Just a quick update to let you know that it is business as usual here at Crateful HQ.  However due to current circumstances there are a few health and safety policies and other updates.  Please read below for the impact this might have on your order or delivery.


We have been informed from some of our suppliers that certain items may be affected by the global crisis.  This means that some of our regular products may not be available. Rest assured that we will endeavour to try and replace any out of stock items with something of a similar nature.  Unfortunately this is outside of our control so we would appreciate your understanding if we do have to do this.


Perth deliveries – minimal impact to delivery days, however the health and safety of our customers and our team are paramount so we will be enforcing Authorities To Leave (ATL) on every order.  This means that all orders will be left on the receivers door step where possible to minimise face to face interactions.  A text message will be sent to the customer once the item has been delivered so please ensure that the contact number is correct.  We will of course knock on the door to notify the customer of the delivery too.  If it is unsafe to leave the parcel we will contact the customer and organise another time to deliver, however this may cause some delay and the parcel may not arrive on the specified day.

Everywhere else – We have been informed by our courier partners that there may be some impact to deliveries due to isolation, staffing and safety.  A few of these may cause delay in delivery, please consider this when placing your order.  Most delivery services have recommended choosing an ATL where possible to minimise face to face contact for both their staff and the receiver.  Crateful will be honouring this with mandatory ATL for all parcels as our customers health and safety is far more important than anything else.  This means that parcels may be left unattended at the site of delivery.  We will endevour to send a text message as soon as we are advised that the parcel has been delivered, however since we use third party agents sometimes there is a delay between delivery and when we are advised. 

Pick up/collection

Due to the safety of our staff, we will not be allowing pick ups and collection. 

Containment and Isolation

If you are sending a parcel to someone who you know is in isolation (whether it is self imposed or not) please make us aware.  We have strategies in place to deliver in these situations to ensure the safety of our team members and our delivery partners.


We have upped our game at Crateful HQ, ensuring that everything is nice and clean.  We have hand sanitiser, disinfectant and most importantly toilet paper! Fortunately, our business model allows for us to work remotely for the most part so there is no major distribution to our business practices. 


We encourage people to use bank transfer and cards where possible and to avoid using cash.


We will not be at any markets or events for the foreseen future.  

We are committed to ensuring that our deliveries and service continue as regular as usual. We will updated if any further changes are necessary.  Please be assured that we are actively following public health protocols and government advice and we remain focused on the safe and efficient fulfillment on your orders.