Farmer Jo's Pear Pecan & Spiced Ginger Baked Muesli




Product information

This muesli story began with the PEAR. This humble fruit is full of nutrients, fibre and antioxidants all delivered in one soft and sweet package.  Farmer Jo's then adds pieces of ginger from the Buderim Farmers, and dry roasted pecans which are a rich source of energy and contain goodies such as minerals, vitamins and protein that are essential for wellness. Then with a sprinkle of seeds & coconut, the blend is gently churned through our roasted oats, packaged to please and ready to deliver someone a breakfast that inspires the senses.


About Farmer Jo's

Founded in Sydney Australia, Farmer Jo opened the doors to its street kitchen in 2010, bringing the delicious smell of freshly baked muesli to the village of Surry Hills with a dream to take their oaty delights on a journey around the world.  Founders Sally and Scott Tulloch wanted to create muesli that was supreme in quality and captured the youthful energy, fun and freedom of their Sydney lifestyle (a city of beautiful beaches and outdoor living). The result being muesli made from the most premium of natural ingredients, bold in flavour and texture. Farmer Jo is building a community with growers and producers to support the sustainability, loveability, care and integrity of their product.  Known for their playful packaging & decadent muesli, Farmer Jo's kitchen is a busy little place constantly producing new and adventurous muesli blends. Delivering daily to all the best cafes and retailers across Australia as well as international airlines including Virgin and Qantas. Farmer Jo continues to grow with a muesli revolution wining over fans from all walks of life.


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Rolled oats, golden syrup, orange juice, olive oil, dried pears, pecan nuts, pepitas, dried ginger, coconut chips and vanilla extract.


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