Our story

A few years ago, our Director was looking for a vegan gift for someone and was shocked by the lack of offers available through traditional gift hamper companies. She decided that this would have to change and in 2015 launched Crateful, a 100% vegan gift hamper company. 
We started getting requests for other types of diets.  We began to realise that there are heaps of other people who are not being catered for.   We also realised that for people who don’t have dietary requirements picking a gift for someone who does is like walking a mine field.  We take the guess work out of this for them, so they can be sure that the gift that they give will be 100% enjoyed by the recipient. 

What we do.

We believe that receiving awesome gifts should be for everyone, which is why we cater to people who have an array of dietary requirements.  We have done our research (and by that, I mean eating lots of delicious food) so we can safely say what we have available is far from boring or bland. Not forgetting our key principals being that we are a 100% vegan company so all our food is animal product free, we also have a range of gluten free items and nut free items.  We are working hard to expand this range.  If you have a dietary requirement that we are not satisfying, please contact us. ​

We are proud to work with some amazing local and small businesses to give you a gift experience that is unique.  Some of the brands we work with you may have not heard of before but have faith that we have done the hard yards and sourced products that we believe you will love. ​



At Crateful our philosophy is simple; For our Animals, for our Planet, for our People. We need all these silos to act together towards our future. Did you know the average Australian contributes 650 kilograms of waste to landfill each year? Another goal we had was to try to avoid being part of this statistic as much as possible.  That is why we started off with reusable wooden crates. We now offer recyclable cardboard boxes and hampers too.  We are very excited about our plastic free wrapping options coming in 2018.  We ship our hampers to the lucky recipient in recycled boxes with newspaper as cushioning. You may find some other boxes with your hamper, don't worry they are meant to be there.  We try and reuse as much as we can; we use small cardboard boxes help prevent movement in transit rather than Styrofoam or plastic.  We use Sendle to ship the majority of our gifts, which is carbon neutral delivery service.



We believe that giving back to our community is very important and we have a lot of fun doing it! 

We are proud to work with several local charities and individuals in Perth.  Since we started in 2015 we have donated 29 hampers, which have helped raise thousands of dollars to help those in need.  Whilst we mainly donate to non-euthanasia animal charities/sanctuaries, we also run raffles to help individuals and have supported some local school events.  We love to donate so please get in contact if you believe that we could help your cause.